Bio: Hey. So, about me. Well, I like writing, so decided it was time to write about stuff I love. Ale. Food. Our camper van. Books. Life. General stuff. So here it is...I hope you like.

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7 thoughts on “About

  1. Just LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. So real. The way you write your posts just draws me in. And your new tattoo is awesome by the way. I feel your pain – I got a bit of a disastrous sun on my back. Least I don’t see it!

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    1. Hey Lexa! Thanks so much for your super lovely comment and for liking my writing! I’m a bit slack with that blog to be honest – I write a couple more and that one tends to get pushed to the back of the queue, bless it. However, you’ve spurred me on to pay it more attention! Thanks for the tat appreciation too. I love it now. And yes, best thing about a bad tattoo is if it’s somewhere you can forget it’s there….! Thanks again for your message. BB x


      1. Thanks Lexa. I’m off to have more of a mooch around your site too – which also looks fab by the way! Have a lovely evening and a Happy New Year to you too!

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